Cast of characters

A: A boy three grades ahead, on whom I had a crush. He had wild white-blond hair that flopped everywhere. He was in my grade 12 French class, which I took in grade 10.

AF: A friend of CR’s

AM: A guy in

BG: A crush, and a friend of EK, SS, and the Hungarian brothers

CH: PH’s brother

CR: A tall, skinny, golden-haired boy in the Drama Club

DH: SC’s boyfriend, he was in grade 13, and had an apartment near school.

DL: The older student who was directing the play in question.

DS: A skater friend of GA’s

DV: A perpetually stoned hippie guy at school.

DW: My best male friend. Who I sort of, maybe, liked. I couldn’t decide. There would eventually be a falling out, over some kleptomania. His, not mine.

ED: A friend a few years older, who was in the grade 12 French class I was taking. She and some friends, including A, were moving into an apartment together.

EJ: My sister, older by 14 months

EK: A girl friend, a year older. We must have met in class, thought I can’t recall

GA: A girl I first met in my Clothing class

HS: A girl in Drama Club, she directed the play ‘Roomers’ in first semester.

IM: A friend of DB and DW. We all used to hang out at DB’s apartment after school.

J: A boy two grades ahead, on whom I had a crush. He had brown hair that flopped over his eyes, and nice arm muscles.

JA: The girl who acted as stage manager for many of the plays at my high school

JB: KK’s boyfriend, another person I can’t remember

JG: A girl who Z liked

JY: A girl in Dance Club

JM: A guy in my drama class

KK: The term ‘frenemy’ had yet to be coined, but it is an apt term in this case.

KS: My youngest sister. She would have been 10 years old at the time.

ME: The older of my two younger sisters.

Mme. O: My French teacher

Mr. K: The drama teacher

MX: A boy in Drama Club

NT: My father’s colleague, and my parents’ friend.

NX: A girl in Drama Club

PH: A newish student, recently emigrated from Hungary

PX: A guy in my drama class and/or Drama Club.

PY: A friend of DH

RG: My cousin; he’s six years older than me.

RS: A local, and very attractive skinhead

SC: My best female friend

SM: A cute guy in my drama class.

SN: A guy in my class in the HSart program

SR: Yet another crush, yet another older boy.

SS: A boy a few years older

T: Queen of the Dance Club, queen of the Drama Club.

Z: A boy. THE boy, in fact. The crush I had on Z was epic, and went on for years. He was…three grades ahead of me, I think? I had first met him the year before, when the dance club (of which I was an unwilling member) and the various school bands and choirs went on a trip to Tennesse, to play at various high schools there. No, I have no idea why Tennessee highs schools wanted to listen to our bands and choirs, and watch our dance club. He played bass in the school band. He was about my height, with shortish brown hair with a fringe front and back. Hey, it was the late 1980s, we thought that was cool.

Random people:

AX: A girl who I cannot remember at all.

BX: A guy I cannot remember.

DO: A girl in the dance / drama crowd

KG: DW’s girlfriend, briefly

KX: A friend of CR’s

MB: HS’s boyfriend

MS: KK’s skinhead ex-boyfriend

MX: A girl in Drama Club, I think.

RO: A random girl

RR: A guy with a van

SX: A guy friend of CR’s

DC: A male friend of GA’s

MI: A female friend of GA’s

ST: A male friend of GA’s


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